Monday, April 11, 2016

22nd july friday 2016

             Mukesh Chand Mathur great singer of his era;

22nd friday july 2016;

Days synopsys:

Tweeted in morning about Rajnis movie;Morning enjoyed Kishore kumar songs thanks to technology and google;
2 guys have joined my network one guy being very cool brushed the other boy gave them id cards; days work was really tough without any hope;  I gave training to surendra babu Met Patel hardware guy said they will be bit free in evening; GVK flex no hoper; Dw commitment had for Monday; long wait at railway bridge; Poor dress discomfort;

Pavan and new boy worked as team and pavan disappeared in night;
night met lights guy took code and pics thanks he received the code committed for next day; Collected 17 plus data; some trouble in home continued even at night;

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