Wednesday, April 20, 2016

21st sept Wedday 2016:

21st sept Wedday 2016:

Activated arvind caterer;Stunning info jd had 148 verified Chainnai customers;

2.Morning heartburn from arvind caterer; 2.No use even after meeting naga sai; jdvf caterers R & d did; 3.managed to post 7 more mailers from office; 4. Met munawwer  small boucer but yes nod had; 5.few more prints took from cafe; 6.verify idea has emerged and mailer prepararion work began around 5 re activated; 7.night met purple; 8.Loneliness trouble;9.Curry prepared at home but by morning anta to rice/ 10.Activated 11. water guy came; 12. Brought Blog prints to home; 12.around 20% have verified their google accounts; 13. seen Pirates movie; 14. managed courier to Hyd with bill book; 15.called pavan;

Deli 420
Mumbai 267
Pune 209Chennai 148; jdvf
Bangalore 140
Hyderabad 137
Mysore 73
Ahmedabad 70
Kolkata 90
Vijayawada 14;

Visakha 16
Tirupati 12 jdvf
Madurai 12
Trivandrum 6
Nellore 4 jdvf
Kadapa 3
Kurnool 5
anantapur 4
ongole 5
guntur 3
mahbub  zero
nalgonda 1
khammam 2
nizamabad 5
adilabad zero

Days Tasks; Complete Courier and posting work;
take youtube print;
Call seenaiah; Diclaration guy; Pennateeram;
Meet Purple;
October content;

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