Tuesday, April 05, 2016

20th june monday 2016

20th June Monday 2016:

 Night Paaduthaa teeyagaa enjoyed " meevallu mavallu rakane" nethi meeda akshintalu padakane;
dhanyavadalu;(vedika; anugrham;)

Target 100 crore; Press ads; Expand google; 

Payouts stph; philips lights;
ads pls; Pavan: COH; Paste and brush; 
Confidence and body language effects; muthaya chemma chakka;

Had nice over night sleep at sisters place; Nice return journey from Rajampet with nice Movie on bus;Flash is to concentrate on google from now; google is best chance now on hand now; Akka gave Dosa pindi;After coming home morning spent time to retrieve old clients of 2011surprised with number of  clients; later in a hurry dropped gta at hospital ;

At office organised the Hindu,Et month wise;Pavan called and met; Pavan tried stph; bad chicken at night;

Finally one field call of  Refac took payout picture session new key words  also known about 5 of their other branches;

Arranged Oil; milk,tooth paste to house; night rain and 'paaduthaa teeyagaa;

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