Wednesday, April 20, 2016

19th Sept Monday 2016

19th Sept Monday 2016;

Long R & D at home on net Eenadu ads collected long time spent on ages file and launches; Later tried to meet Arvind caterer (2 staff) and Events guy sudden change reserved train ticket from cafe but costly affair;(Jahnavi net cell 9866547143) gave vetuku copies; called cheng,Gta;

Next episode is nagasai and called him for code; later to cyber cafe created reniwal reminder and took xerox; took 15 prints; Attended office later and met Pavan and ram Mohan reddy etc; filing did at office; NRN ans SRN have called;  seen schindlers list again in afternoon;

Night mainly Cyber cfe work and also retrived few more g plus prints;  Eenadu ads collected prints took; had to rush to home at night;purchased covers Files; Hot day anyway managed;
Nosediving of expenses have continued but confidence gained;

100;Work on Hyderabad renewals; 1 hour; Enq ; Ticket to hyd;
90;Enq Nagasai Curries; 
80;Follow up with Pennatheeram Paper; 
70;Visit office filing;
60; ContinueEEads;
50; Buy hindu;
40; enq Purple;
30; blog prints;

Call Seenaiah; RDO 

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