Monday, April 04, 2016

18th May Wedday 2016

 Good rain in morning enjoyed watching it by sitting in warandaw; 3 g plus activations did; Again seen 7 colours ad in eenadu; Seen 5 issues ads again : g plus activations for the day are vetuku; sai balaji;  Mobac; Loaded good number of pics again in blog; retrieved 2 months past content of blog; Even in rain Maid and dhobi came; Took pics of car;
At office had long chat with reddy and known about his involvement in community and coverage interest and known about big guys; Brought home few things and tomato soup powder; Jayram and bhawar have called;

later joined Pavan and met lights, Sonovision ,Sapthagiri only saviour of the day is ajay ent payout; distributed few papers at field; Night session managed to take 3 months blog prints and current updates of may 2016;  Met ameen with Pavan,while coming back home tried for milk in vain;


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