Tuesday, April 05, 2016

18th june satday 2016

Target 100 crore; Press ads; call chinna;
Use cell ph; called only stph but unable to go to him;

18th june satday 2016:

Total g plus clients 245 from 6 accounts and clients data retrieved it took very long time  for this work; activated Sahiti; edited pharma phone; back ground pic; g plus profile; Known about google points; jatara invitation jana by google events a new thing;

managed field work met Dhanunjaya Gangaa catering gave him g plus stats print; Met Refac They received google letter; varsha nice response had from them poor planning there of stats copy missing later met lights and shri sai pipes tried sai sudha; some trouble in stomach in afternoon and hunger pangs; took major cliets prints from cyber cafe;

Night session after rest visited office from there quickly managed new visiting cards; night saved many cell phone data with the help from Gta; Night called gollapalli krishna hd positive response from him;

1.Stph;varshaa; 2.Gangaa; 3.Sesha padma;

followup 4. Philips Lights;
Sapthagiri Raju
Buy tooth brush;

Try Ads for vetuku;

Lenivi; g plus activations( sangeetham) re-activations;

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