Wednesday, April 20, 2016

17th sept Saturday 2016

17th Sept  Saturday 2016:

Back ground score effect;

100;Unexpected turn;Venkatramas guys  rejection and  paper stall guys interaction;
90;Huge Auto charges throught the day; for Xerox and etc;
80;Finally submitted diclaration copies; RDO office dynamics known; Satish RDO clerck cell; 9701312426;
70;Dont forget eye glass; Read  zaminryot at evening from seenaiah shop; 
60.Posted 2 days Blog without glases from cafe; and also activated Renigunta entry g plus;
50;Leg pains;
40;RIM activated; Rs 100/-
30; slept off in afternoon;
20; Heat;
10; Lodge advance; RS 150 paid;

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