Sunday, April 10, 2016

15th july Fri 2016

15th July Fri 2016;

Flash; u must be known to all of them first; Youtube video s seen from cafe giant anacondas eating crock;
Known abt more Indian Cities and population in morning; Ap 13 districts  public libraries addresses got  from net;
Tried  Ricemart payout visited him and met had a word petrol and stomach problem had to be faced; 
D W payout failed again; Pavan brought yet another payout for the day; alibaba gyt cam to office so ameen;
met munawwer had his tips for project report; lenivi work bit more consolidated; met shri lights at evening  gave him card (keep cards ready in pocket)and near by sanitary guy; 2 ltr petrol; New pen and note book; un expected rain in vening;
Known abt those who have contributed to google for ads in morning;

How Pavan is useful in last 104 days analysys;
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