Sunday, April 03, 2016

15th April Friday 2016

sri rama navami day:
Worked with pavan; kajaria no hoper; Distributed papers;Pavan met vasavi;Kriti; met bajaj fans dealer;
hope from dhyana sai; pic took; Listed jyothi ads at office;
called bujji kesavulu; 4g; cell phone activations did; soaps to home; Xtreme Fitness place seen;Big rest at afternoon; Pavan says send letters;
Evening April blog prints and addresses list took;

15th April Friday 2016;
1.eenadu ad for sunday ; content to plan;
2.list ugaadi ads;g map prints;
3.Cash deposit in bank; KVB:
4.face heat;
4.add libraries addresses work;
4.print of e filing RNI; Postal addresses prints;

dr Khan can be met;
***Content work can be continued;
police look;
ask surgicals; another;
take prints  for ; C A;
Address list print work;;
suresh raina;
ipl game;
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