Monday, April 18, 2016

14th sept Wedday 2016

14th sept Wedday 2016;

Called 2 shops of Varsha one code received but it hasnt activated; Continued e ads collection work; with the help of gta paid for NT domain name and also maintained 10 k for a/c;Recd DVDS seen schindlers lsit great movie; dropped Gta in night; recd rayalaseema payout and funding had from gta again; night purchased telugu velugu; Gave gta 8 issues file; added few more friends to whats app; good filing did at office;

Sudden changes of the day are not meeting caterer;

100;Meet caterer;
90; Icici apyout;
80; Buy tel vel; ET;hindu; enroute;
70; get CDS:
60; get 8 issues file from office;
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