Sunday, April 10, 2016

14th july Thu 2016

Cheetah great sprinter;
Flash;catch big fish pls;
103 days of tpt office; too hot day?40 photos of fortune ridge; google has 70 offices now in 40 countries; known abt blog labels; gave insulin to gta;

14th july Thu 2016;
Morning facebook metrics seen;Lot of google mapping work did entire day;  tried to meet munawwer; Pavan brought one payout; gave him july renewals list; checked all files at office and organised; called ricemart guy; activated baby new lulu; 2 of g plus activations did in mor photographer and ricemart; called adivice lady; 
google  mapping work;renigunta;srikalahasti;gudur;venkatagiri;proddatur; population of some cities seen;

Vanamali gave nice tips;

2 g plus activavtions to do now;

Activate Baby ;New Tumbler; Volini; Razors; Milk;
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