Sunday, April 03, 2016

14th April Thurday 2016

14th April Thurday 2016;
Activated school from office late;
the hindu gave content for Ontimitta read it;

mrf dealer t id into fold; tention  call from m k interiors attended and loaded pics from office at evening session;
pasuparthys call with Pavan successful later pic also took; Pavan initiation further worked with arya works lady; puri and curry in morning at home and night; summer blaze continued;
few things to home arranged again onion; Eve bid to meet r p constructions at bliss failed;
purchased telama and insulin; manohar reddy seen promoting vetuku; introduced journalsit; some addreses given cell eswar 9440258674. called u bhaskar;NRN:Sex doc (wonder world);

(silpa;dr khan;
nlr dw;sms;
New big calls; Sapthagiri;Dhyana sai;
(Insulin; telma h;)
(google key words;
florists; helmets;)
Get lekhari flex;
Call people;

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