Sunday, April 03, 2016

13th April Wedday 2016

13th April Wedday 2016;
Raghu ph art paid; D w ramu also paid; closed one school; arguments at home in morning; night google maps prints took from cafe;Heat wave swaeat; called pavan; ameen; During morning to town collected many key words; Power problem at afternoon managed; read tirupathy town paper coverage abt buynsave; calles tapathy saturday commitment got;  met veerendra; sent msg to mahesh; sro 2 met papers distributed; few more calls did; hundi; office tumbler;

5.Ameen; Training;
6.Pavan;?? chandragiri;
7.nlr Dw work; sms;
8.Buy Insulin; Telma H
9.sms pack and activate cell;get;
10.income pls; FP; sro;avilala;
1.content work pls;

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