Sunday, April 03, 2016

12th April Tuesday 2016

12th April Tuesday 2016;

Very hot day!
Major head ache hair cut and color managed Rs 130/- is 1 lakh in worth;Insurance work submitted but gta had to arrive;
Later met Munawwer his tip of consolidate local first then concentate near by cities wish them now and then etc his offer of ad health tips; Manohar reddy came and didcussed further; Finally 15 k is on the anvil; seen Gta promoting me;Water guy came home luckily problem solved;
Spent some time in office seen posted list organised few more;

Night had commitment from Raghu photo art and Ramu D W; After noon power problem faced; Met jana had his tip; Google maps prints work continued; night drink worse acid one?
Mouse problem fixed;

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