Thursday, March 10, 2016

wedday 30th march 2016

Master mind is days word;Tweeted abt singer P Susheela achievements enjoyed listening songs at home; Piles clicnic content retrieved and posted;  Called Jana followup;Sugar tests insulin dosage in morning Buiscuits purchased;  March  2016 analysed again; With GTAS financial help lot of things arranged at office; Identified Sai pipes finally; Took number of Dhyana Sai; Pavan said met Dr surya sen; Stunning upset in cricket england won;

Water arranged at office cover on top; Notice board fixed 2 leaflets; Pins purchased; Office rack arranged;Chairs  also arranged; met Raghu photo; Took net prints;Some flys problem at home; some what cool day: Buiscuits purchased; Commitment had from Balaji Metals; purchased tooth  paste; tomatoes; Onion; Siva lamination(sekhar)
Idea of maps prints and making it as directory has emerged today!

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