Thursday, March 10, 2016

march 12 th saturday

March 12 th saturday:

Night Pratyusha guy gve payout;Eenadu ad rejected; Hunger pangs and heat trouble in evening; Met Stpathy in morning; Gta health issue in after noon; Morning i have managed to send msgs recd 2 replys;Brought atta and lemon; afternoon met Pavan his tips had; Met gopi in night;

Call Mani Achari 98496 643101

M K opticals;

>>>SKF yp directory;
ads must run;>>> decide:
and  Gopi Cauvery;
sro office;
check ragu photo art;
Meet the guys whom ever i have put ads;
List work to continue at home;
Follow up jana;
Cut old papers at home;
content work;
1.No press note coverage OK;
2.Decided for eenadu ads;
3.poor Coffee;
4.categories work edited again took gtas help;
6.Activated jai sankar; g plus;
7.whats app msg sent to Raghu photo art
8.thehinduads blocked;
9.janas followup did;
10.water follow up did;

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