Thursday, March 10, 2016

27th march sunday 2016

Arranged water at morning and long chat with the guy there; Pavan met at after noon later we met Ameen;Guy met Ramaiah; Surprise how thw day gone? Punganoor guy recd press card; seen lot of ads in eenadu; lemon purchased in morning; Cricket watched; tweeted; Some pics  of hospitals took in morning; failed to give jyothi ad; SITUATION became normal by night; managed watch repair;

>>Arrnage lemon Ok ; fish;  meet up jana failed; Pavan;
Monday jyothi ad; >>...failed;
prints pls; key words;
nellore list of DW:
watch repair;
silpa;pavan content;
call old books;
dr kahn;
try panasonic;

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