Thursday, March 10, 2016

25th march 2016 friday

Seen ads in eenadu(eemos) purchased Sakshi,Jyothi but missed ET and the hindu; Morning water brought home; eenadu ad continued; money fast going out; Got involved Pavan press id given to him with self expenses; took Recent paper Ad cuttings to office;
>>>3 Times ads  get response is new knowledge; Net usage is in infancy still in india; Took Carpet and Fan to office but fan failed but gave advance for repair;

>>>activated 3g,plus airtel currency;plus RIM:

>>>; New DTP guy at Sridevi complex introduced and Jana too came there;

>>Boy from punganoor,Girl from local came to office;
 At Home owner Manohar Reddy helped to remove fan maid came and helped Gta; Activated S V Marriage links to g plus ;
>>>Opticals guy received google letter is good news;
(Take carpet and door mat  fix fan to office water at Office;  ananda nilayam)
Ad response???; (Do important field calls Dr sen,Tirupati ceramics; repeat Ad again and jyothi ad);

>>>Feed Ram Mohan Reddy cell no  to smart phone ;
>>>Activate smart phone currency ; laptop 3 g;
>>>(Silpa ad DTP: infra DTP:Dr khan:)

Buy electrol;
>>>Activate Rama Mohan Reddy Matrimonial entry:
Benefits of repeated ads;
>>phone etiquette;
Buy hindu; ET:???

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