Thursday, March 10, 2016

22nd march 2016 Tuesday

Gta got up very late coffee had out side;
Unable to meet Jaybaul as he arrived late slept off due to heat;
Water can brought in morning; Tiffen managed out side; insulin needles b complex purchased in evening;A/c enjoyed at home twice;
Office decided; Jana finally made page gave training in night sesson ( follow up mkes it).

Edited  home page  further kept home page about us info kept  learnt few more  editing things;
13 offices are now for lekhari on paper Nationwide +
Met manohar reddy   slight set back on whats app? met computer guy next;
Pavan met one closing did for Rs 1500 realtors analysis had and his ad printout took;
Enquired with DTP guy in morning not promising;
>>>Early to market Gave bill book,Visiting cards, Papers to Pavan; refil; carbon paper;
Positive response from Raghu photo Art (activated his address agaian:
G plus code of jai shankar catering activated positive response had stpathy failed again;

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