Thursday, March 10, 2016

19th saturday 2016

Very hot after noon managed it with A/C at home; had to wait for long time for cricket on TV due to rain:Brought home vegitables but had nagging from Gta; Infibeam ads;

T Malli karjun naidu has fetched for the day,met few other D W and young man HD format pic  took had phone number of president of AP D W hari krishna 94408 22633 ; avilala lady look annyoing;
harini group??
Lokesh cell dw 95020 32017,
Mohan cell; 9885251929,
t ids of the day are :
1.aabsweets(1 12,436)paper cutting took;
4.mahadevropes;(thanks to et)
5.activated sankar catering;to g plus;
6.met raghu photo art;asked g plus;
(hate story; jana dint prepare design;
pavans game story contd; stapathy...?)

prints Took from cafe near by to analyse them ;
practo forays into Brazil:
vrksilks is me;

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