Thursday, March 10, 2016

17th March thursday 2016

1.Entire SKF directory scanned added few of whats app numbers; scanned eenadu;
2.Posted blog; 3.some cell numbers added sent whats app messages;(Trouble at home in the  morning for tiffen)
4.Asked GCP to help and he acted result came in afternoon
5.Unable to bear heat in afternoon;
6.adsense problem sorted out by jana plus commitment had for page design;
7.long wait at realtor;
8.Meet up wih Pavan and manaohar reddy had shown them google key words seen alibaba;
9.Morning work fetched in closing one plus activated it at night;( J P dental;lady kolkata arya works;tailor;Naresh pticals)
10.One T id payout recd; mail sent for supermax;
12.loaded kerala  D W data;
13.seen stats lot of visits to lekhari.
14.Again failure of stpathy; Long ride;
15.Night worked till 2 pm and seen all past 2010;
16.Back home Gta sent 70 plus sms;

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