Thursday, March 10, 2016

16th march wednesday

16th March Wednesday

Meet network guys;
Hyd biryani;
Meet Tulluru naidu;
Dr Sen;
Call D W
Evening Stapathy;

Bangalore,Chennai D W Data Added to lekhari; Hair and Mustache color; Time line another 3 months 15 clients; mailed to t id no response had; added D W: sexdoc gplus activated; DW followup fetched;
Some near by calls did; Janas call to go chittoor; Gta continued SMS; Guy from punganoor met; New Flex identified;

Pavan met; Met fistula doctor; dr sen (ashok) adsense code missing; Southern spice payout received;
Evening clients so far address lsit prints took; good cafe for prints identified; called stapathy; Positive response from gtas bro on paper;
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