Thursday, March 10, 2016

11th march friday 2016

Lot of numbers saved in Whatsapp good response had for the day;  Seen Silpa  Marketing ad in Eenadu;Morning took gta for blood test lost temper at lab assistant there later had NICE TIFFEN AT ANNAPOORNA HOTEL. Second round of Byke ride to city  spent some time for press notes gave to five press offices power problems in Cyber cafe.Stint with cafe lady about children; Distributed almost 15 vetuku papers near R R Colony; Enroute engine oil work did; Upset at home due to Gtas ill health; Activated bulk SMS package and Gta sent some messges; Kuja purchased; scanned 5 dailies;

Night session brought 7hills water; Yenthra guy called; Bhawar recd paper; There are around 50 top categories; Brought home rice; seen effect of fingers in Discovery channel; Jai Sankar caterer gave payout;

use cell ph;
Take TPT press note print and distribute nearby ;
Nainar Gopi;
Jai sankar and distribution;
Byke engine Oil pls;
jaybaul; msg him;

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