Monday, January 11, 2016

12th january Tuesday 2016

Subhamasthu shopping rush and  seen with team; Few more formalities needed to submit papers for payout at krishna patnam port;bank account number etc;  another payout had from rim Zim; again NRNs initiative; met seenaiah in evening;

Seen bahubali movie  again in night at room ;
Morning Doctor maram sudhakar gave payout with NRNs initiative; suresh vja mom seen;

SRN met with his team had Tea with him at morning;
; gta started back to home;
Syam mama called this time;??

***Submit copies to Municipality; and Port;
Xerox of bills ;
TPT travel palans;??
Enquire Postal consession:
hair cut; leg Pads;
SS catering:
Big calls;Samrat s payout;

11th jan 2015
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