Tuesday, November 24, 2015

january2016; year plans;ahead;

Naanis marriage; shankaraiahs sons marriage; papulamma sons (balapullaiah ) marriage;
lekhari and  nt have to be renued; check dates pls;
Unexpected expenses may arrive;
Byke front tyre; to replace;
Health heck ups;
Press ads;
To advertise the Blog;
Dec; nellore;Hyd;
Jan; east west;
march atp;kurnool;
may; at cool place;

new data dw; new key words capture?
Daring rx investments;


Digital course;???
property issue to follow up;

Hyd visit;???
srinivasa kalyanam to take up;
Buy UPS; washing machine;
target kakinada; Vzg;
More of google letters;

Team and get funding;
east west
d w expansion;
reduce voice;
a/c last due;????
Money which i will earn; new clients;
functions have to attend? and gifts;
hits i will get;
new launches;
new knowledge; et;tel vel;
areas that i will expand?
Washing machine; camera repair;
ups; a must;
new faces;

10 januaray sunday 2016


Called gta; call from Murali recd; As per the plan Vunnavi,lenivi files began;   Hick up due to NRNs change of plan;Took pen media forum printouts but there was slight problem of A3;  Distributed 3 papers to  S S Catering;

With team to few places in vain; 
Begin Lenivi file;
Some big Calls plan:

Give paper to S S catering;
monday plans;
Travel to tpt;

9th jan saturday 2016

Due to overnight sleep distrubance no field work but net consolidation work continued from room; 4 g plus codes activated; called sridhar miing; sri sai lights; textiles guy; distributed 2 papers by suresh;

8th january 2016:Friday:

 Morning  and afternoon distributed around 25 copies of vetuku in the market;Known about city pizza location; Evening 2 nursing schools met with team; ajay called; Night to s2 movie theatre seen killing of veerappan but night disturbance had after;

*Activate codes of SRI Sai  hospitaL: SGN:
**Current standings to work out further: 5 clients
 for Postal Concession; UP:
*VIJ BHaskar: ???meet UP: show issue: Seenaiah:

FP:?? 5 sit outs pls;OK:

call Gta 3 times;OK:
Buy tel vel;Leg pads:Decide abt Travel plans:
RX rama Chandra:May arrive:

acivate g plus codes: OF SGN: SRI SaI:
Distribute papers to SS: SRI SaI:
Meet stone house pet SRO:

7th january thursday 2016: payouts parampara day:

Days Happenings:

Got up  early  due to poor sleep and had coffee in Sai cafe this time  on a walk:
twitter news seen in the hindu:140 carecters limit  seems to be going away soon;loaded few Photos to blog in morning:
 :Pocket became empty after paper given for print; printouts took; Seenaiahs help had for  the day: for printing  of Vetuke 2016  jan issue: 

>>>>Purchased  Insulin,Needles,Overan tablets : 

Increased number of prints for issue after few of payouts:
Problem of old masters expose had for  day;??
With folding  issue is ready on hand Now;

1.B N Raju payout got; (known abt his political career;with NRNs chat)
2.Geeta lights payout  got but need to submit to google plus;More Photos are on ahnd:
3.Surprise payout from Sai sri Hospital ; which has raised to print more copies;
4.Durga Bhavani :ggl code recd: got payout: pics took: Activated it: 
5.Met cloths guy of yesterday had his re -assurance;
6.Had long chat with seenaiah at his press at night:
7.Called Gta; twice:
8. seen activated flex printer and also seen 2 new printers places enroute Tiffen in morning;Enroute:
9.RX Rama chandra met:Near mourya:lodge:

Days planning: 
how many to print??
Get paper printed with the help of seenaiah; and distribute  by evening;
days calls;
gta lights;
nest guy;
Stone house pet; 
srdhar mixing;
Doctor; coaching centres; Vrc;

Ph Calls
Follow up raju;
Call gta;
To  buy;
Buy insulin;
Leg pads;
try mixing guy;stone house pet;
Take pic of sgn;

wednesday 6 th jan 2016

 Met Ravi Alahari got his nod; after meeting 3 shops in J V ST Closed one cloth shop;  Paper DTP work completed by night;
 Met 3 shops in stone house pet;   Vijaya decorators;


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