Tuesday, November 10, 2015

25th nov 2015

14th day back a tpt;

Totally gone out of hands after calling him spent time  with syam till afternoon and dropped him he gave idea of charted accountants;; Small remarks count big at home; replys to whatsapp had; Called Bujji at night;

try for big twitter projects;
days papers;
fp pls;
raju eng payments;
bujji; inciming calls;

24th nov; tuesday;2015;

13 day at tpt again; fp thoughts continued;

Raghu and sai visit to home is surprise for the day; lot of things had to be arranged to home; Chat with owners wife; Chat with syam and ajay; activated studio; got part payment;

Followup photo studio; and raju engineers payment;

what will be cash on hand;?
work more;

23 rd nov; monday;2015;

After marriage day;
 met photo studio guy; got payment from panthers quite surprising one; Chat with raghu and new group and pics etc;
Met nainar; chat with syam and naani; msgs to sidhani group; F p continued ;Et scanned;
funding please;
Pending blog posts managed;

22nd november; 2015; sunday

Ok grand success; photo session with atta and sai and family; return journey full rain; spent time wih mom;
Tv at night hairforsure; adurs movie seen; replys had from sidhani family; more closeness with few of relatives;

marriage day; for koti;
Who all will attend?

21st november 2015 ;saturday;

 Morning attended puja at home; met kistanna and others;
My dress was big hit at reception; many relatives came as expected;

Most of the relatives may arrive!

20th nov 2015; friday;

past analysys continued till koti came home; Koti came home so things began to move swifter; Shopping spree with gta  good dress purchased called seenaiah kamalakar and syam; invitation given to owners wife as reddy gone out station;
had biryani; had hair cut; activated 3 g; GCP called for stay;
took srinivasa kalyanam photo frame from loka gave him invitation;
seen jalapatham at kapileshwar swami temple;

19th november 2015

Key word R& d continued at home;rain continued;3 g evaporated;

bookpurohit t id;

3 days to go;

18th november 2015;wed day

Key word grabbing work continued; Gplus activated for days DW entry; 3 g for cell top up did; Met Syam this time he gave good promise; met photo studio guy had his commitment also mailed him; no change for marriage; thank god srujji sent thanks msg;

many key
 words into fold ;


17th november 2015; Tuesday;

7day at Tpt
Rain continued;So no work;
Met syam; evening r&d continued; Hyderabad visting cards organised counted 320; Net was slow at night at home; Night one D W called; December organised;

16th november 2015; monday;

No use heavy rains have continued had to stay back at home; Visiting cards organised ; long chat wid gta; rejected syams request; plumbersseva; couldnt get eenadu again; chinnas unrest and whatsapp msg; gained 5 lakh alexa;

 Night almost 500 key words grabbed; failed to greet srujjis function; old tie ups respectable; Night disturbed sleep;

15th november; 2015 Sunday:

Totally under rains grip; morning struggled  a lot eenadu around the city in vain; By night siddhani family whats app chat was in full swing; slept off for very long time in after noon; costly tomatoes; ajay called in night and long chat; no net day was a surprise; byke fallen down redy owners help;

saturday 14 th november 2015;

Unexpected things have continued to happen; suneetha and chinna came home gave wedding cards; mor kamalakar called met him. booked one hotel and also activated it; activated photo studio also; thats ok for the day; met engineer raju had his commitment for monday; money continued to deplete; wedding cards couriered to gta family;

8 days to go;
income pls;

13th november friday 2015,

Covered Renigunta; tpt1;tpt 2;
Handsome payouts; but there was lists at home to be fulfilled;
tyre puncture managed;
Oil brought;
4 g was over so recharged it at night; they say  3 g works;

Helped Chinna to distribute cards to her bank collegues;
 unexpected move;

9 days to go for kotis marraiage;
calls rejected to cell;
No change arguments have continued at night;
Net 3 g expired  so re activated it;

12th nov 2015; thursaday;

 managed byke centre stand welding on return heavy rains; Visited stock point; Morning satish called; past analysed again;had samia upma for tiffen;bahubali seen in laptop; hotstar; 2 new cards collected;

11th november 2015; tommorow; wednes day; back to tirupati;

 after 88 days tour at hyd reached back home; owner reddy wished; Night Divali celebrated and whats apped; had to suffer with food and vegitables arrangements to home;

managed huge luggage and reached home safe; later released byke without any fuss;
gtas bro called  s kumar;chinna kept in touch;







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