Sunday, November 08, 2015

l t metro madhapur hyderabad

L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited

4th Floor - Q3, Cyber Towers,
Hitec city,Madhapur,
Hyderabad - 500 081
Tel: +91 40 67295500,
Fax: +91 40 23123015

call me for further details for facebook;twitter ads;
thank you ramana 9347107468

10th november 2015

return journey at night; whats planning? luggage?

Small lock purchased;Ok morning sold left over petrol; Veh booking managed coolly wid cooleys thx to press; packing rs 250; Railway charges rs 730/- clerk says for rayalaseema its less charge; Brought Photo frames from kirans shop packed thm; Extended room; Called gta; Time for wine shops is 11 AM: Friendly auto Guy;

monday 9th november 87 th day;

Days ideas; meet manepally tell abt twitter fans; Visited Ghatkesar had success there; fe  entries contd;  Morning hot water bath on asking technology;
dancing image  run away with trevor  a new pointer;fav? confirmation; Rough shaving; Room extn managaed coolly;

kerastouch key words ; plus t id;
Chinna sent wedding cards pics on whatsapp;

Suffered with hunger pangs on journey; Night heavy indulgence with ajay and missed keys;

sunday 8th november

Poor sleep over night;Hyderabad race cource to shift seen news in deccan; took hold of makarandsweets; yesterday blog posted; 2 lodges nearby enquired; Ajay met at night; few entries posted to blog;

 Byke enquiry did; xerox took;cogentic t id; boredom in the after noon; one sanitary dealer seen nearby; Visting cards on hand organised fuether; made use of laptop; yesmartofficial ids a new point;

7th November 2015 saturday

Morning after arguments at home started to narayana guda took lodge at kachiguda; Attended rx  small success had for the day. Ajay met at night;  who is the sitter now ps chouhan; again missed a good shot at 8/1 due to poor planning;
They search even by firm name  is the new idea for the day so post another entry; visited kirans office seen very busy;

No doubt day wasted; Gained alexa 10 lakh ranks for the day;


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