Thursday, August 20, 2015

16th aug onwards; 2 cinches;pettubadi;

16th aug;2015

Ride to hrc but slept off over night rain; had doasa at sailoos home;changes at hrs noted;enroute bad net

17th aug;
visited sanga and
18th aug;
can u imagine 9 success ones ok anyway; new cards also got;koti called;hunter bat;missed lunch;
19th z bad land seen;data collected;

20th aug; bhatnagar; reddy;

Suraram;kukat;pending blog posts completed; chinnanna was supportive over one incident but i must be careful in such acts; Visiting cards folder and cards box purchased; back pain was severe forced to come back home what to do now triggered insecurity? 2 more old activations got into hand; called 7 people; Suraram prashant ;

21st Aug;2015;
Woke-up early  and sudden  decicion to head to home ground narayanaguda roads are alredy busy; anyway reached Narayanaguda stomach trouble and took sri lakshmi lodge; Called Kiran and his dynamics and whatsapp marketing discussion aletr headed to rx  with hunger pangs  attempts successful with 2 cinches now need pettubadi; 

apna engineers code google gave me first ranking thats great; stayed at lodge ; Seen Jd verified customers huge potenciality;
After rx session byke lock work got fixed; met galli guys;

Unable to decide as to go to field work or rx ; tarjana bharja contd; no rx books at musheerabad tote centre so pushed to sec bad and got them;


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