Sunday, June 28, 2015

25th june onwards

25th june 2015;
Met ac world;dr sen; good response at buy n save;silpa;excide battery;took i care opticals letter; bad weather again at home and ac;2 more activations;

26th june 2015;
bad weather continued;one saree shop and al;ankruta closed good knowledge abt saree field; smart phone hrd technology;3 g activations for the day; 40 postal cards purchased; prints of marriage decoratos took; 2 hours  net consolidation works;slept long;spet 2014 prints took;met balaji copiuer brother;evening hunger pangs;avanthi seeds story;

27th saturday;
Body paints continued late wakeup continued;on janas request collected cheque and gave him;2 months 2014 blog prints took at nioght; 6 g plus activations for the day achieved; 1 closing did;called syam;


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