Tuesday, January 06, 2015

5th jan 2015

Finally  began SMS and postal letters  managed to post 15 letters plus 2 sms with help of GTA ; Again managed to keep 10 plus letters; Did 4 calls; raed ET points; Long wait at pasupuleti; managed hair cut in morning;

4th jan 2015;

Pending ET points read so confidence again; Syam,Kamal,Ramoji;
Cell phone organised; Eenadu calender data organised; Baawa,Bujji,Chinna came home; lot of Hospital ads seen in Eenadu;

3rd jan 2015

 Worked with kamalakar; Poor success at elite; # success stories; so purchased covers; plus garbage covers purchased; Happy times data also into fold; Syams data of hotel offer was good; some part of 2014 read back;

Unable to start SMS; CS work; Intiruati rank ashtonishing;


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