Tuesday, November 24, 2015

8th january 2016:Friday:

 Morning  and afternoon distributed around 25 copies of vetuku in the market;Known about city pizza location; Evening 2 nursing schools met with team; ajay called; Night to s2 movie theatre seen killing of veerappan but night disturbance had after;

*Activate codes of SRI Sai  hospitaL: SGN:
**Current standings to work out further: 5 clients
 for Postal Concession; UP:
*VIJ BHaskar: ???meet UP: show issue: Seenaiah:

FP:?? 5 sit outs pls;OK:

call Gta 3 times;OK:
Buy tel vel;Leg pads:Decide abt Travel plans:
RX rama Chandra:May arrive:

acivate g plus codes: OF SGN: SRI SaI:
Distribute papers to SS: SRI SaI:
Meet stone house pet SRO:

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