Saturday, November 14, 2015

28th dec 2015; Monday!

>>>Took back the posettion of lodge and paid dues;

>>>after nice rest .....Morning attempt at Tirupati successful with loka ads code and part payout  activated it wid pics enroute met gym guy but had to walk for long time; few more entries loaded from home for Nellore before leaving to nellore ;  later started to nellore with gta by bus  and reached nellore safe dropped gta safe;During the travel back Ajay called;

Quickly joined Nrn for work met following; (sai tea shop  guy death news known;)

1.DW; got commitment for wed day; Another new route known;
2.follow up of Narayana Lorry guy; failed;
3.D W paid; seen 2 more DW  offices; muslim; forestry met;Known;
5.Murali gave B W print; copies; and mailed edited content of letter pad offered him hummmm;
6.V Bhas met;???
7. New araial exposure on dropping Gta; exposure from NRN end too but veh sound increasing;

no noon else dares;??? Ok;

8.shamshuddins jodie;
9.B C welfare; utthama.
10.Mines and geology; for ugaadi:
11.ugaadi guy;

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