Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11th jan 20016; Monday:

Sivam international:
SRO: Evening;
Calls globe watch;
Activate Sridhar;
City Pizza; mana mithaai;

1.Had bath; 2.shaving, 3.tablets; 4.called gta; 5.NRN; 6.scanned eenadu;7.Brought Tiffen and had;8.Water kept ready;
9.Yesterdays blog posted; planned;11. had insulin;12. durga bhavani map checked;13 data work continued;

One commitment from samrat stomach trouble same time ;  after long wait DR Siva K Umar expectation failed;
another 2 success stories for the day;( Introduction needed must)
Enquired pan card later received it with hunger pangs:

Xerox of PEN latter got; Had lunch from hotel Ganesh... reddy; Big recharge for  3g 3 gB in offer;
Some data loaded in morning and hotel abhiram T id Into fold;
gta called;syam called;

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