Friday, November 21, 2014

19th,20th november 2014

18th November 2014

 After a long wait at Kachiguda Railway station Motor Bike parcel booking did with a lot of waiting.  Shaw payment received. Took rest in the afternoon. After  travel required things packing  satish and friend  gave send off bordered  the train.

19th November 2014

With disturbed sleep due to poor travel needs  reached tiruathi safe well in time. Quickly boarded the lodge without any problem. Later released the bike from parcel even more faster. Vehicle side mirror broken. Quickly activated the contacts shyam and kamalakar.

Surprise visit of Sunitha to the lodge and spent time with Gta. Sunitha gave tirupathi prasadam and feel happy. While Sunitha and Gta spent time in the lodge I quickly joined  the filed work with Kamalakar.

Forced to take rest because of the sleepless  night and had severe body pains. Missed newspapers for the day. Janardhan called. Night attended Chandra Shekar’s daughter marriage function. After spending some time with Ramoji retiled for the day.

20th November 2014 (Thursday)

Shifted to Vishunivasam after a long wait to book the room it took all my energies. Had tiffin on the bypass road at old women’s place whom I know in the earlier stay at TPT.  After getting ready straight away joined  field work with kamalakar. Met some of the Document Writers. After a few successful calls printouts of the entire tirupathi helpline blog took  had it  spiral binding  now  book on the hand.  

Chinna joined us syam and sankyo  (murali )called. Met janardhan  family had some time with his wife and Haripriya daughter of janardhan. Romed around city on the byke.

Had sitting with kamalakar as usual ended the night with arguments.


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