Monday, September 22, 2014

tuesday 23 rd sept 2014;

TV content and maname pls;

long energies to keep on MANAME loan
2.Transfer jana domain fee;
Anu payment:Evening;
4.Ropes guy; After Noon;
5.try reliable For Renewal;
6. 50 more consolidations
7.Red Hills DW;
8. 20 redirections pls;
Few more Videos ;plus Photos;

Day began with baggagekart:For the first time all time lowest alexa ranks achieved;

38 084;
Got loan;
Transfered  cash to jana;
vishnuorganics; Killing of rat disturbed  proceedings; Quickly arranged needed things needles Wter etc;

pics kept in 2014

vision 2020

get funding
Team pls;

1.videos 2^365^5= 3500
data 7500
Calls; 10 000
T; Fans ; 91 000
Rx Knowledge;
G key word capture???
T ids;
Posts; photos;

22nd sept monday; with 16 of friends;

Had Milk and papers for Credit;  Had trouble in night sleep;  arguments began in the moning it self at home;
g=Good story about alibaba  founder read; Need to renue nelloretimes at any cost; Call from durga kadapa rejected; qyickly read 3 dailies; @ pens found on road; Et By 2015 end 500 million Mobile e com users;

Next 5 years advanced palns initiated on paper; Added to the fury laptop started misbehaving;

Let me see what can be done in a day; 30 consolidations; 20 field calls; Ramiwigs into fold;

13 of entries from annadata retrived to check them;

valasumani 60 lakh
godavaripipe 29 lakh;


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