Sunday, September 07, 2014

7th sept sunday;

Had very touff time for investment  for the day; Finally success at RX got back withdrawn mount  amount; sold news  papers gave back Gta investment; Another improvement is Gtas initiation  for long awaited decicion; still few more consolidation points; srinadh on Hattrick missed winner of Turf invitation cup track work confusing so the the hindu tipping;;  Machiavanism brother  as  fav; To take care of failed favrites; To take care of consicutive wins;

bundh of liquor shops info by Narsing; Had  quick reading of 2 dailies;

T ids parampara;

Had good sleep ;

6 th Sept 2014

Morning had Temple visit; Took payment from  Musheerabad tote; later lost interest to go for field work; At Rx had 2 wins but later lost track and finally finally fallen in trap; 


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