Tuesday, June 10, 2014



baghlingampally hyderabad

narayanaguda hyderabad

satya travels narayanagudacolleges,hyderabad

10th june pics

10th June post;

 worked in field tailors interaction suit had and knowledge; few more videos took from field;
 hats guys; sports goods; pen store;
 Radium guy closed;
hardwar lodge hope;

9th june monday

Unusual day no bright sun; Current standings work at home; later felt uneasy; dropped gta and came home and slept off; Awaked by bala pullaiah and his wife later got ready and with them met his son later went to law college and paid fee in between family dynamis seen; later covered market and took 4 videos from field; days bread winner is prakash nagar  SRO;
 Big rest at afternoon at home;

Loade videos and pictures  from cafe at late night thats good job for the day; Night watch work did near shivam areas; Came back home and seen Paadutha teeyagaa; vishadam story of students; retired  had good sleep;


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