Wednesday, April 30, 2014

29th April;

Seenaiah gone to VJA; Morning met Bujji Reddy; Took few more pics in morning; transfered 1 k to GTA; Hunger pnags due to over nite effect;

29th April post

Bheema Rami Reddy; RK Digi met;Met Brahma KVNs friend; Called Metamorph; Called vakati;Few more pics,ids,followers into fold;Bad comment by seenaiah decided to skip voting;Few more pics of nellore into hand;Heat was unbearable at afternoon; Evening call managed days income;New Card reader purchased; Few more printers pics took;

Had commitment from Shiva auto consultant; With Seenaiah lot of time wastage but had eseva feedback; later met few calls hotels etc; Seen new shopping complex; Night Dinner missed;


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