Saturday, April 12, 2014

11 friday april post

Again 8 dailies1.;the hindu;2.times;3namasthe;4.sakshi;.5.jyothi;6.Deccan;7.Enaadu;8.ET; Various attempts for the day have failied;.!.Red hills; but exposed to 2 new faces; Begumpet DW met; Called friend of Govind rao; attempt at Elite also failed seen jubilee club this time and few more ladies shops on the way;

! and half hours work from Cyber Cafe loaded all pending photos and other things  took few prints also; loaded pics to google from there; Succcess at kawadiguda; called Gajanand Mutaa gopal and his people; Rx book purchased;Arranged water paid laundry bill to GTA; Reduced intake for the day;


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