Thursday, April 03, 2014

2nd April 2014

Very nice day;Things started to move further  in the afternoon; morning known about etemad and reserved few of mim contestants names; no currency in cell hone so recharged this time with offer one; then visited 2 political offices; After coming back KSV called and told about madhav so went and had lunch there;
met him had discussion; Et gave one more information about election startups etc; Gta paid rent this time so relief; Again Jamyin ryot recd with annadata; Jumper after 2009 election known;

In the evening paid net bill and arranged water got repaired fan; This when tried to pick up gta met her owners; Later Babu called had chat for long time gave number;later singer called told about syam;
 Retired after listening to Ammayi kitiki pakkana kurchundi song;


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