Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20th march;thursday;

How much further more consolidation can be made to be seen;
cheque issue; meet SL collect content;
Call carpet guy;
FT plannning pls; PRK must turn up;

Called najmi bros; met SL Diagnostics;

19th march

Morning submitted some blog urls to google good satisfaction had;Morning had nice idlis but they were not sufficient by 12.30 AM; Had creddit from daily paper vendor;Day began with a itching session  gta later  kajoled to stay fit;Opp left hander Prasadam of shirdi very tasty one her own work brooming seen;  Blog of trisha trends gave many new hopes and commented that blog;varevah vedeo content of culinary things seen;Mongoose and Cobra fight;

managed to drop cheque at bank;yet another time bills menace had to be cleaned Quickly by pouring water; Coffee and seen 2 dailies there; later scanned Namasthe telangana and the hindu; Election  segment wise analysis news is fast catching up; Tube light problem at home again lot of nagging reminders had from gta that need to be solved faster;Failure at butterfly gave new depression on realtors issue;

Seen some news web sites and their ranks astonishing facts known; many  vedeos seen  on vedeo seo and vedeo blog and benefits;content must have stored at my mind;

After Gtas  Drop KSV called but ignored him quikly and started to field  work GVR guy again absent  and attempt at butterfly too failed in the bargain seen and noted lot of shops addresses; Sun had a shade for the day not as harsh as yesterday so continued my work;  Read FB book from park  but mosquitos disturbance;Called KSV and he in turn introduced one new friend Ksv BJP minorty morcha leader and he quickly assured of some help; During the wait seen few more shops and closed one deal sannayi melam guy;At park wait call recd from PRK and thats new hope;

;later at basti met Kishan reddy on a election campaign;enjoyed music initiative by Gta; being at park; narsing also met  at night;Rejected plea of Rina and surprise reaction from GTA; new hope idea generated from vedeo watching and advantages to contentrate on more of vedeo content; Good hope emerged from FB book reading as 1.8 crore new net users are getting addeded in India alone;A big shout on cleaning boy on road; long chat with sankyo at night was surprise and welcoming;

Days few more activations Shoib; On the whole collected 46 addresses thats new hope;Called Derby guy from SR nagar;

18th march 2014 post

Morning spent long time in submitting blog urls and  also seen few more Vedeos on URl submittion etc; GGl rejection on bulk sumittion known;Again tried to meet Y Tv ppl had exposure and marketing guy met;Hot sun by evening got tired;PRK commitment has failed as expected so of narsing this time removed few things from office including board and Big table with the help of GTA and Narsing; Morning agrresively followed twitter followers by night warning came in; some important keywords analysed with new note book and highlited them;

KSV colors again known; called SYAM; Called Megafore guys but recd poor feedback;Lone success story came after followup and thanks to that old directory but against expectation; Tried to meet customer but major ones were not there  but on the way seen new openings; had to intake Tea due energy levels; On the way met tollywood guy also serched for web guys;

Felt tiredsome after coming home added to the fury power problem; Drop and pick up managed; Long cell chat this time with chinna at night; rinas request dint oblige this time; On the way seen venkat but ignore him;
Days another improvement is purchased and skimmed through Facebook guide; Gta helped in filling cheque;


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