Thursday, March 06, 2014

6th March post

managed cash transfer to bank this time clerck was nice;ramojis call rejected;one major success story thanks to Ambush technology and google; Sudden problem by vehcile battery solved with gta s initiative; met  Diagnostics had hope had exposure; morning seenaiah and kamalakars calls recd;
Speed at net cafe is price worthy and did some speed  editings from there;

Met web guy also met yellow pages guy noted his number too;consolidated  blogs further from cafe;New pen and note book purchased for the day;
tommorows Rx \books purchased;KOL and bang;

Almost made 10 cell  ph calls from home; Met metamorph guy known voice technology;

Satish called; his  request noted; RK s neibours Milk affair;
That sinister begging old woman head ache; Night lost temper at Vijaya cottage guys on pickle;


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