Sunday, March 02, 2014

2nd march sunday Invitation day

Felt like an ordinary sunday without any development; struggled out to get note books as sunday most of stationary shops were closed; called satish,Syam,Rx Rama chandra; rain again trouble entire proceedings at Invitation cup; Seen some people from Chennai;

$ news dailies scanned for the day;Night spent some time with Rina and her Sister listened to music;Movie enjoyed;

1st march post

After a quick shot of preparation day started with long wait at sarada sarees i had ample of time to organise my self further; later had a quick success good one for march; At Rx  unsatisfied day as 3 tips failed; new story emerged from Ray of light; Failed to cash Nefyn; Unexpected rain spoiled the proceedings;grand gala of invtation dint show up; huge moneys were gambled at longer odds;

Few more ids added to fold; Could not respond GTas call; Night power failure further triggered irritation;


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