Sunday, February 09, 2014

9th feb sunday 2013 post;;logo launch of nanda TV;rajendra nagar;hyderabad;

Aftermath of trouble some night good initiative this time GTA;Morning again written recent developments;continued Blog R&D; Seen Pess club diary numbers and seen history of press clubs origination; Gave narsing cash;

Attended Nanda Tv news  logo launching function at Rajendra nagar;Kavitha chandra;Srilatha anchors were very good confidence;Speeches of R.Krishaiah  and R.Thulasi Reddy  speeches were very informative with historic effect with responsiblity and role of media; later enrouted to HRC by byke; Dropped  old man on return; big Camera needed;


i need strong  20 people now;Chinna called and had talk with akka; rinas chocolate episode; neibour Boys interaction about Bykes parking;

nanda tv team
Dr GMK Nanda
Mr Sridhar CEO
Mr J >Radha krishna
Mr Shashi Varma Creative Head
Mr Bhadra Editor
Mr koteswar rao organiser
Miss renuka News\Reader
Mr srihari cameaman

8th feb post

Morning   ragi malt had; visited Lord  Venkateshwara temple;Visited hitex  colledted realtors visiting cards; at home  seen  Hitex web site exposure;Along with KSV seen place of govt printing press;Met rythunestham lady got one copy seen their press; Seen JD data of construction companies  at home thanks  to JD;Imporatnce of press club diary information known thanks to KSHV;

Morning blog ids saving (wow;bridal mantra;)parampara continued;Night trouble at home; shopping of shirt did;


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