Thursday, January 02, 2014

2nd day of 2014 new year wishes work continued mostly;

To concentrate on developing top  paying clients for 2014 to identify few of them first;Felt like wonderful oppurtunity is  missed IE new timing assalut chance missed anyway managed some of important people in my list;

This time good morning wishes came from gta inspiration saga continued with this;later analysis( sameeksha) did with GTA abouthow new year passed exchanged few complimentaries;Bycotted brigade listed; tweets of  Hansika  were eccellent; posted 2 tweets later;While dropping GTA wished neibour  women about water and vessels this act extends the number of people i wished in this year;

day planned; slight  bouncer at vegitable lady;There are lot of people left to convey  wishes;Kirtilal ad seen in eenadu and saved it related discussion about that ad seen twitter id and shown;

posted indo nepal and sai pooja listings to blog; Had Upma  to spice it went to vijaya cottage and purchased powder wished  owner had interaction about  Name board and festival related sale of sweets very interesting information had;

On Keshav call things began to change rushed  to Big Bazaar and met him and  nrn  had long chit chat had samosa  and Coffee   there and helped him to enquire rent details of shop to open a   fast foods corner;
My temper need to be checked again  here need cool and  confident good mannerism;During the wait called  aneesh; seenaiah,antima theerpu;;Lter with NRN  2 more electric calls did thay asked some format;  Later phone  followups of butterfly did; tried drug office not found officer irksome moment had  to be faced here due to no receipt book and pen because of new bag   later came back home;

Diary for expenses purchased wished owner managed cash transfer these are 2 planned things achieved for the day at bank and new thing is self swiping  known wished old  clerk;

Met kiran, Balaraj discussions about Tirumala yatra later rushed to malakpet  during the travel  enjoyed speed skills and horn effects of byke; confidently discussed with people there. noted change of sro and interesting interaction with ajju bhai  had trouble in locating entry in book DW data on book thanks another hit known capture of malakpet aghapura;

New hope evolved from  Harish from chennai for Ananda Nilayam  had and long discussion about stamps quality ; acivated Narsimha,Ashwin,Loka his work ;Ramoji,madhu calender details known,rambabu stike effetcts;arranged water;wished them;

Sudden changes happend later had to return byke cool settlement met 2 guys later met aunty  long pending odarpu did and next purchase of byke fund raising plans did followed;Missed e tv news;

Prakash continued his irk some beahaviour no news from him;need to recheck abuse please;

Indo Nepal Rudraksha Organization somajiguda hyderabad

Indo Nepal Rudraksha Organization 040) 67110838 G -10, Ground Floor, Druvatara Complex, Medinova Compound, Near Yerra Manjil Bustop, Somajiguda, Hyderabad - 500082

Sri Sai Pooja Samagri monda market secunderabad

Sri Sai Pooja Samagri
  1. Address: No.7-1-379, Beside Central Bank Of India, Monda Market, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500003
    Phone:040 2771 1178

1st jan 2014

Activity packed new year day!
Lot of emotions expressed;pach up works most of them by cell phones etc;with  the help of gta; a real catalyst and suguna improved her dynamism with a wish;

2014 muggu  effect of gta ;shreyas competittion but i falied to take camera pic;  on the roads colorful ragoli works seen inviting new year  seen should have taken few pics;

Days activations;

1.Surya calender some ads there;  ads in it;eenadu calender; news paper vendor;
2.Called Nrn;thrice;
3.drop and pickup of GTA; introduction to her 2 collegues hunger pangs managed with veg puff there;gta got paid;
4. wished 10 clients ;manoj;mannan;pets;grocery;ashraf;cell number;prahlad;asian b;butter fly;metamorph;
5.Byke water wash;and discussion;
6.met 4 clients;Kashyap;rajkot;bearings;karshak; known that other turhu nestham;
7. Called yanamala nageshwar rao;
8.chengaiah known about his mothers death news
9.whole family; akka,suneetha,mama,amma,sekhar,Koti,
10.This time GCP called; later called him back;upak bhawan hai;
11.Rx book and telugu velugu quickly scanned it in park sankranthi info; and that  news paper vendor;
12.again discussin with RK neibour about Byke;
13.galli people exposure;
14.prk; be very careful;suguna;on comments;
16. This time wished Koti and sekhar; a real new turn; Gopal dint lift the call reason un known;
17.Rama chandra;
18.Raguram;grand daughter songs effect;
19.lic sudha; his sons effect;
20.Babu rtc x roads; known few he was very close and told many things;
21. gold loan;  simple documentarion;
22.Vegitable lady and  boys patch up work did;
23.jana and reviews;SMS;
26 This time .prabhavathi akka called;;silent; and confusing;
28.cs;problem  poor timing;
29.suresh;subba rao;boys;
30.Compound boys
31.jaybal;venkata ;krishna;yoga mitra swamy ayyappa mala;
32.pan guy ayyappa hair color;
33.rina mom;dad; neibour;
35.bramha reddy; surprise;
37.Lamination work of Byke;
38.chicken vendors hindi wish;
39.vedeo player lady;
40.Vote from mana saradi guy;
41.Prakash; and mam;
42;c h balu;
43;bhawar good responce;his trip details
44.Bramhareddy called this he remembered;

Listed out important CDS to purchase;
;life of pie;
 DVS Karna
Titanic;gujarish;seethamma vakitlo;brundavanam dukudu;king;maryada ramanna;

All only activity lets see if this spade works helps in future of  new year;


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