Monday, December 30, 2013

30th december

my new byke pulser

Day began with good morning: Seen december 2013 blog ;Had comment from rinas Mom later by night they came and wished morning   pressing  man irritation; suguna invited for her son( syam )birthday  party ;With new byke dropped GTA successfully at her office said hi to RK sister; Scanned most of dailies surprised with Coca cola full page ads;Seen new year eve ads in burrp and zomato;

Good driving by NRN   tips too had about lights etc;Had feedback abt N9 and success at   one follow up must give diary to siraj  bhai; Drug office credit goes to  NRN,Praja shakthi diary seen met 2 guys;;during the day travel On the way seen fellow travellers postures; Greeted choudhry  boy prashant; After work had beak and discussion with Keshav;

@ RX Late debutant  ex:Radiate heavily backed out  (Ray of light ) and won; This success story gave another boost;
Manged  press sticker on byke;met pets shop near by;schumaker accident tweeted; purchased battery for cell RIM top up;Worst drink from wine shop;
Night vegitable shopping did and seen padutha teeyaga programme;


29th december sunday

Successfully handled  byke; long chat with neibour R K and interaction; The Park hotel doctor met  by Keshav thanks to his  intiative; byke effect is clearly known;
More byke exposure tips by Keshava; not attending rx proved good; forget long layoffs and belvedere;


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