Sunday, October 20, 2013

current standings on hand

>>>Try 2 get funding pls;prepare a projec t report;give ads creative ads for team now;

1.Some balanace on hand: what to do now?

2.current team on hand;(GTA:me;AJY:PRK;T ids;Adsense;k followers;) they will increase;

3.assets on hand; few;Family assets to get;>>>move this file;

4.RX hopes;To increase amounts for rx and team;what to do now?

5;Office fully equipped now; with furniture;  plan to make use of it with press ads;

6.prints on ariel survey;G+
7;3 Cameras on hand;
8.Stationary etc; increase it to color;

9.Laptop on hand +++
10.I can be a social media manager for big companies;
11.project report and funding to get try;;
12. data on hand;make use of them;
hire pls;
14.vetuku postal advantage on hand
;pen media team pls;;
15;kNoledge levels seo etc;

18th and 19th blogs


One more strong bet failed Zervan  gandhi came home;
Computer and printer and carpet placed at office;PRK and Aj
ay came to office;Lost interest to work in field;Few more vedeos seen on laptop; Social Media manager hope;

sat day post
 Prakash called up for helpe dint turn up idid 3 calls and they are positive;3 succss stories at rx;
Missed place bet at 5 to one;Low weight Rodeo gave money;Activateere few people there;
Managed the day with rx income;Morning attempt of watching Vedeos failed due to net slow;
Next rx attempts must be with Good cash;

ONE CHEQUE GOT PASSED IN EVENING ; Settled Ajay amount also known Abt his bike problem;


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