Monday, July 29, 2013

29th July monday post

dropped cheque 3 collection; seen Filmfare ads; organised magazines;Work with ajay at fathenagar; closed one entry had 2 more positives;did around 10 plus calls; New arial exposure had again; Morning met kiran and had his feedback. Good info had from kiran on their data collction and to tap entries on hand; ;

29th july sunday post

 Monday 5k and try for big ads;MDC:seating world;
***Team +need money  4 ads also need office:Begin NT ads &adwords;Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;**Funding pls edit project report further VC at hyd; need one daily  or Mag Tie up; 
Todays tasks;
>>.>seating world;nkms;nmdc;with directory;Skipper;road no 3??Nellore data to retrieve;Scooter repair a must;
VC at HYD;get dor mats;Printing of Color leaflets decicion;Further edit collected data on hand;

Morning analysed recent developments and read blog of this year;After long research and hardwork regained some of followers for k;Most of the day at home saved jd data  again and edited ;Evening to Gaana sabha for some time;Purchased few more magazines from Abids scanned 2 of them;posted chajed and others entries;gandhi calledup;Still some kind of insecurity throught the day;Had to wait for narsing rao;he brought chicken;


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