Saturday, June 15, 2013

15th june

maansoon season isnt it?

Above all akka called isnt it?

1.Morning broture work saved in word added some more content;2.Recd Minister Anams letter;9.Mailed to few more clients;19.Logo need few changes;20.Bad Tea at evening;21.long wait 4 NRN;22.recd shobanas payment on followup;5.morning ads cutting pinning work did;6.seen ads;7.activated standard toolsmailed him;8.gandhi called;9.heavy hunger pangs at morning;10 seen Dabur vatika;11.fathers day;12.called syam;13.called garimella;14.called Kiran15.called Chalapathi?16.tried to sleep but failed;17.ajay is totally missing;18.SMS guy called;
23.sent days cheque for collection by gta;

mails sent with stationary result yet to be seen;
PPl can always give big hand so i must plan my own activity;Ajay is totally missing so That nlr guy even after coming hyd dint call me back at home too trouble;gave proposal to Sadgun; Lamination work of Associatian did  at sadgun and took  xerox prints of Ministers letter and telugu leaflet 10 each took ;managed to rx results at home of saturday and seen sundays Rx card; Broture in word prints took;
During the days R&D 4 best fonts known  for logo known: to email sans sherif is best  To design a broture georgia;Best font for blog post is Times new roman;

Best fonts for logo also known; 1.satyam
2.meena jewellers
5.welfare group
6.welfare party
7.shanta bio tech
10.mithai shop emerald;
12.grt choice
14.everest organics;

When composing your emails, newsletters and so on, you should take into account that a serif font usually creates the impression of reading a book and offers a “classy” feel, while a sans serif font gives a cleaner, more modern look. In the print era, 

Times New Roman was commissioned in 1931 by The Times and is now the most widely-printed font in the world


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