Wednesday, June 12, 2013

13 june thurday adv planning

google colors;;blue red yellow,blue,green red;(blue,red,yellow,green 4 colors)
go to post office;How the day will turnout?
7 dailies again to scan;
what gta can contribute? to plan;

(daaram  sreekanth,water works 3 PM;CTO girl marriage;rishi;nalanda; plus ph followups;beena;)
see more of map listings at sec bad sadgun;
meeting kiran is a must?? for design will madhu join?
 mailing campain; tips;
my field calls;plan;
social kichdi;
knowledge area;

Tips for a Successful Email Campaign!

The subject line should be short ;

Internet users read an average of 17% of commercial emails;
You should include the name of your website in the email address. This information is an essential part of the message and is the first thing that the recipient looks at.

 Using the customer’s name in the subject line encourages your target to open the email;

12th june wed day;

days knowledge;Within the first 10 seconds, your potential client is building up a lasting opinion about you.
study says 70/ of people reasearch online before walking to store  purchase.a web site is must;keep a form to web site;local groups;

proffesional look;

people often do judge a book by its cover

stunning facts abt m commerce;

got up again earliar;Cat tried to poke through the nose;just 225 short of  reaching 1 lakh fans;Quickly went through ads file on hand  and content; Noted days plan in note book;new idea of inaguration with C M emerged to keep in mailer;
 net is pretty slow at home;ajay failed again;dis with veg lady;

days field work;
gave proposal to sheelas;
meenajewellers;(card collected)(manojand umesh)
met sobhana
water works;
long wait at nalanda;seen pics on wall;m.srinivasa raju(???)man at waiting;,
called social kichdi;
seen details of tigerairways;
sobhana endorced to srinivas;cell;9949372169
tommorow NRN said will not be avaialable??
linked in logo must be kept in card nest print;
gta deputation paid net bill;power bill;pinning work;
mebaz font pls;
my choice card took;
sofa maker;
new contact from homeo care ramana; new hope;
seating world placement;dr rama fertility;(kamal must followup nellore doctor)
drr ramesh ph number;9392999666
gm water works cell d.rama chandra reddy
grmgold india sitre seen;
some maps 
like button discussons;
we do social media campains;
future belongs to social media;
whats wrong with sadgun for twitter?
shingarlimited to check;
all media planners must know abt lekhari
seen yourcellworld domain;
called kichdi;beena;
to have a tie up with web design company;
seen martjack site;recd mailer 42 inception;
have tie up with third eye;

called beena;
at eve sadgun;broture design tips;visiting cards tips read;

quickly scanned 7 dailies; at evening cutting work did took help of gta;

blog development hyderabad search resulted in this

Contact Details

Main Office:
Phone: +91-9533792564
#3-3-86, Flat-101, Sumitra Nagar
Kukatpally, Hyderabad-72

The survey said 94 per cent of Indian smart phone users access the Internet on their mobile. Shopping is the third most popular category among mobile internet users after email and social networking.
Two-fifth of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones”: ADMA


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